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  1. sandra

    5 stars
    Delicious! I made this is written (but no fenugreek) and it was perfect. Such yummy flavors and texture! Next time, I’ll be sure to have mehti on hand!

    • Paint the Kitchen Red

      Hi Sandra, thanks for commenting and I’m so happy you liked it. I love the ease of the recipe and yes, the methi is a worthwhile addition.

  2. Amanda

    5 stars
    If I want to double the recipe do I keep the cook time the same?
    I have made this as written a few times and my husband and I love it. We want to make some to feed 8+ people and still have some leftovers.

    • Paint the Kitchen Red

      Amanda, yes, you keep the cook time the same. Just make sure the contents don’t go over the Max Fill line before pressure cooking.

  3. Natasha

    Can I substitute crushed tomatoes for tomato sauce?

    • Paint the Kitchen Red

      Natasha, yes you should be able to. If you want to give the crushed tomatoes a whirl in the blender, that’ll make it smoother.

  4. Lillian

    5 stars
    I made this tonight, and OH MY GOSH!!! This is seriously THE BEST ever!!! My family loves chicken masala and I have tried making it at home several times since COVID started, but this one is actually yummier than our local restaurant!!! Thank you so so much for sharing this amazing recipe!!!

    • Paint the Kitchen Red

      Hi Lillian, aww thank you so much for your comment. I’m thrilled to hear this. You might also like the chicken korma and the cashew butter chicken.

  5. Lindsey Adams

    5 stars
    LOVED this recipe! It was simple with very flavorful results. I ended up using a garam masala mix from a local spice shop in town though one of these days I’ll try blending my own mix. The only adjustment I made was adding an additional 1/2 tsp of chili powder because I love my food spicy.

    • Paint the Kitchen Red

      Lindsey, I’m so thrilled that you liked the recipe. It’s almost as easy as opening a jar of Tikka Masala sauce 🙂

  6. Sucharita Iyer

    Hi, can I use this recipe to make paneer tikka Masala? I’m vegetarian, so if I replace the chicken with paneer when should I add the paneer and how long should I cook it?

  7. Sucharita Iyer

    Hi, if I make this recipe with Paneer instead of chicken (I’m vegetarian), what modifications do I need – when to add paneer, how much pressure cook time? I searched your site and couldn’t find a paneer tikka Masala recipe, hence this question! 😀

    • Paint the Kitchen Red

      Sucharita, if you’re making it with paneer or tofu, pressure cook it for 2 minutes. Hope you like the recipe.

      • Sucharita Iyer

        5 stars
        Hi Neena,
        I made this recipe yesterday with Paneer and reduced the cook time to 2 minutes. It was fantastic! Family loved it and want this as the go to Paneer dish! Thanks!

        • Paint the Kitchen Red

          Sucharita, that’s awesome. I’m so glad that you liked the recipe and were able to adapt it for your family! <3

  8. Theresa

    Question , can I use fenugreek seeds instead of fenugreek leaves . And how much Should I use ???

    Thanks !

    • Paint the Kitchen Red

      Theresa, thanks for your question. No don’t use the seeds, completely different flavor. Just omit the fenugreek leaves.

  9. Sarah Empey

    I recently found your blog and have LOVED the recipes I’ve tried. Thank you! I’d like to make this recipe soon and I have two questions.

    1. My family loves the flavor of grilled chicken- what spice/cooking modifications should I make to allow for this? Should I marinate or spice the chicken before grilling and if so, do I modify the spices in the sauce? Thanks in advance for your answer 🙂

    2. I’ve seen 2 different recipes for garam masala on your blog. One with mace (and a few other ingredients) and a simpler one, without mace. Do you recommend one over the other? I just bought a slice grinder and am building my supply of whole spices. 🙂

    • Paint the Kitchen Red

      Hi Sarah, thanks for your questions.
      1. is a tricky question. I’ve combined two recipes to make a one-step recipe for the Instant Pot. But if you want to add grilled chicken, I wouldn’t pressure cook the chicken – it will overcook. How about take half the quantity of spices including ginger and garlic, 1/4 cup yogurt, marinate 12 hours and grill. Then follow the recipe, pressure cook or just saute just the sauce, add in the chicken and heat through. Add cream at the end.
      2. It may be harder for people to get the ingredients for the garam masala recipe with mace, so the other recipe is also fine. I need to post a consistent recipe, thanks for bringing it to my attention.
      Let me know if I can clarify anything!

      • Ruben R

        5 stars
        I had the same question about your garam masala recipes. Thanks for answering. Just made this recipe and it turned out excellent. Even though I was missing the chili powder(used cayenne) and fenugreek. Ive already added those ingredients as well as mace to my list for next time! Thanks for sharing! I’ve already bookmarked more recipes¡

        • Paint the Kitchen Red

          You’re most welcome, Ruben – glad to hear you liked the recipe.

  10. Liz

    4 stars
    delicious flavor! made it 2x and for some reason my sauce is always a little lumpy 🙁 but very tasty

    • Paint the Kitchen Red

      Hi Liz – thanks for the comment. Do you use whole milk yogurt? It’s probably lumpy due to the yogurt curdling…. Not sure why though.

      • Tasha

        I cant have yogurt. Any sub for that or may I oomit the yogurt and still get a good chicken tikka masala taste. Also is whipping cream needed??
        Thanks cant wait to try looks yum and love chick tilla masala

        • Paint the Kitchen Red

          Tasha – this recipe is traditionally known for its creaminess. You probably could replace the yogurt with coconut milk, and omit the cream. Of course, the flavors will be different. I think you might like another recipe of mine: Cashew Butter Chicken – it’s delicious too, and quite healthy.

  11. Samiya

    5 stars
    Wow, I love that you have directions for the instant pot DUO AND the instant pot Ultra. I have the Ultra and I was struggling with the pressure cooker settings and the seal options on the lid so I really appreciate how you added pictures and wrote instructions on how to use this recipe with the instant pot ultra. Thank you so much, love it and greatly appreciate it! Your recipe and steps were detailed and easy for a beginner like me, great job! Thank you and keep up the good work 🙂

    • Paint the Kitchen Red

      Samiya, wow thanks for the lovely comment. Glad you find the details helpful.

      • Claire

        I’d love to try this recipe but I don’t have an istapot just a crock pot. Is it possible to make this in a crockpot? What modifications would I have to make if so ?

        • Paint the Kitchen Red

          Hi Claire, I’ve not tried this recipe in the Crockpot so I don’t know how it’ll turn out 🙂 I would saute the tomato paste and stir up the ingredients since there’s no worry about burn messages. You might want to reduce the spice quantity by about 1/3 since I increase the spices when I pressure cook. Add the cream at the end and simmer on high till thickened.

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