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  1. Lisa

    5 stars
    My daughter (9) asked for this recipe for her birthday dinner. Can’t get higher praise than that!

    • Paint the Kitchen Red

      That IS a compliment! Thanks for sharing, Lisa!

  2. Kathy

    5 stars
    This dish is simply amazing! My guest are still talking about these tacos. The meat was extremely tender and the spices were perfect.
    I caramelized some onion and red and yellow peppers, avocado, salsa, cilantro, cheese, sour cream and limes for toppings. I didn’t fry the meat. I I just trimmed the fat and allowed all the juices to be absorbed into the meat. I used uncooked flour tortillas from the supermarket. They can be found in the refrig section of the grocery store near the fresh salads.

    • Paint the Kitchen Red

      Kathy, I just made these for New Year’s Eve and we had them on nachos with the same kind of toppings! So good! Interesting to hear that you didn’t fry the meat and still loved it – frying the meat is my favorite part 🙂

  3. Kathleen

    Do I use the trivet for this recipe?

    • Paint the Kitchen Red

      Kathleen, you could but I don’t. Just made this recipe a few days ago and plan to again for New Year’s nachos 🙂

  4. Sandy

    5 stars
    I love this recipe. I make 8lb at a time in my pressure cooker then I leave the chucks large, add a few tablespoons of cooking liquid and seal them in dinner size portions after they cool. They freeze really well and I pull it out Monday night to defrost for taco Tuesday. Just cut in smaller pieces and heat it in a skillet to reheat, I stop moving it around and let it crisp. It’s the best.

    • Paint the Kitchen Red

      Sandy, thank you for taking the time to comment with your suggestions. I’m so happy you enjoy this recipe 🙂

  5. Melissa

    5 stars
    These carnitas are amazing! I’ve made them multiple times over the last year and keep forgetting to tell you how much I love this recipe. With only my husband and me, it’s perfect to allow us to fry just what we’re going to eat the first night, then freshly fry what we want for leftovers until they’re gone. Thank you for such a great recipe!

    • Paint the Kitchen Red

      Aww, thank you Melissa! That’s really kind of you to take the time to rate the recipe – I’m appreciative whether it’s sooner or later 🙂

  6. Rebecca

    90 minutes on what pressure level???

    • Paint the Kitchen Red

      Hi Rebecca – all recipes on my site are for high pressure. In general, any recipe you see online is probably for high pressure, unless stated otherwise.

  7. Ducky

    5 stars
    This was supremely delicious and simple to make! I am new to this cut of meat and standing in front of the packages of “pork butt”, I asked the grocery store employee if they carried “pork shoulder”. He shrugged and said “This is all we have”. So I “referenced the interscape” which informed me that pork butt = pork shoulder. It’s so versatile. I am so happy to have found your website!

    • Paint the Kitchen Red

      Hey there Ducky – thanks for your comment. This is one of my go-to recipes for company – great for nachos! I’m glad you’ve found me too – all the best!

  8. Ika

    I stumbled ont your blog looking for Indian Instant pot curry and also checked out this recipe. is time though too long? I usually do 60 min and it seems fine to shred it. Maybe it would get even softer with 90 min. also can we use beer in this recipe like you do in your slow cooker recipe?

    • Paint the Kitchen Red

      If you usually cook for 60 minutes and are happy with the results, I say go for it. That’s 30 minutes saved. 90 minutes works for me, so I never tried less time, but next time I might do that to see how it works out. And yes, you can use the beer instead of OJ. Let me know how it goes if you get a chance!

  9. Jennifer

    5 stars
    My family really enjoyed these carnitas. I made nachos, with all the fixins’. I’m so glad I found this recipe – thanks!

    • Paint the Kitchen Red

      Jennifer – I love using this meat for nachos too. And tacos, and enchiladas, and quesadillas…!

  10. Maria Young

    Received my instant pot yesterday and making your Carnitas right now. I do have a question, why are we using the manual button instead of meat/stew button?

    • Paint the Kitchen Red

      Hey Maria, the meat/stew, poultry, etc buttons are pre-set buttons. So the meat/stew button might default to (I don’t remember the exact time) 30 minutes. I like to use the manual because I can set the time myself. If you used the preset buttons, you would have to adjust the time to be what you want it to be. So, you can do that too. I hope that answered your question.

      • Maria Young

        Thanks for explaining the preset buttons. I feel like I’m driving a “Ferrari” and will probably have more questions in this new cooking experience.

        • Paint the Kitchen Red

          You’ll be a pro in no time – Enjoy your new IP!

  11. Jamie | A Sassy Spoon

    Wow! Instant Pot is taking over the world over here! I must get one ASAP. This sounds amazing. I’m getting hungry. Thanks for sharing, Neena!

  12. Joyce

    These look FANTASTIC! I didn’t realize you could crisps up things in the Instant Pot! :O These look so delicious, and I love the use of orange juice in the recipe! 🙂 You know what’s funny? I finally went to check out the pressure cooker my mom bought me was, and it’s an Instant Pot! haha! 🙂 Now I NEED to learn how to use it! I’m so happy you have so many cool recipes that I can use with it!

  13. Mikaela | wyldflour

    A taco tuesday recipe!!! Tacos are probably the thing we make the most in our house and these carnitas are perfect for them! So easy, too!

    • Paint the Kitchen Red

      They’re perfect for taco tuesday. Hope you get to try them out!

  14. Marie @ Yay! For Food

    Pork carnitas tacos are one my fav kinds of tacos too! Crisping up the meat in a frying pan is such a great idea too because the crispy bits are the best! Thanks for sharing.

    • Paint the Kitchen Red

      You’re right – the crispy part is my favorite too!

  15. romain | glebekitchen

    I had absolutely no idea you could pressure cook carnitas but it makes perfect sense as a fast alternative to using a slow cooker. One question. If you check the meat and it isn’t done enough do you have to depressurize normally the second time or is there a way to speed up the second cycle?

    • Paint the Kitchen Red

      I find that meat tastes best with natural pressure release rather than quick release. That being said, it would be fine to do a quick release especially since you already waited the first time!

  16. Erica

    Cumin and carnitas, I’m sold! I would love to make my own burrito bowl at home with this delicious looking carnitas, thanks so much!

    • Paint the Kitchen Red

      Erica, it’s so easy to put together and quick too. Enjoy!

  17. Alison @ The Sunday Glutton

    I LOVE carnitas – perfect for tacos, burrito bowls, you name it. I’m sure your family loves being your taste testers with recipes like this!! Yum!!

    • Paint the Kitchen Red

      Thanks Alison! I forgot to mention burrito bowls on my post, such a great idea. And yes, the family does love the taste testing for these recipes. Not so much for the meh recipes!

  18. Riva

    I love carnitas! I can’t believe how fast these cook up! They would take all day in the crock pot. Amazing!

    • Paint the Kitchen Red

      You’re right – these carnitas are so easy, just put the ingredients in the instapot and let it go!

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