Instant Pot

panang curry

This Instant Pot Panang Curry recipe tastes like it’s from a Thai restaurant!  Creamy coconut milk, curry paste, chicken, vegetables, and spices come together to make an amazingly tasty curry.

"I’m surprised I haven’t rated this before – this recipe is AMAZING. I make it all the time. In fact, it has become “my” curry recipe, and people request that I make it!"

- Laura



Thai panang curry paste coconut milk coriander powder cumin powder chicken thighs fish sauce brown sugar lime juice

INGREDIENTS (continued)

peanut butter green bell pepper green beans onion lime leaves Thai Basil leaves

saute curry paste


Stir together curry paste, spice powders and half the coconut milk until bubbly, a minute or two. Good quality ingredients make a big difference!

add coconut milk and  chicken


Add remaining coconut milk and diced chicken. Stir and close the Instant Pot.

pressure cook


Pressure cook the chicken and do a quick release of pressure after cooking is complete.

saute vegetables


Add fish sauce, brown sugar, lime juice, vegetables, and lime leaves. Stir and cook on Saute mode until crisp-tender.



Press Cancel and garnish the Instant Pot Panang Curry with Thai basil leaves. Remove from heat. Enjoy!

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