instant pot

season shrimp


Season the thawed shrimp with Cajun or Creole seasoning. Set aside till ready to use.

saute  meats and remove


Saute the andouille sausage and bite-size chicken pieces in olive oil. Remove and set aside.

make the roux


Combine olive oil and all purpose flour and create a dark roux by cooking on low heat, stirring frequently.

saute onions mixture


Add onions, bell peppers, celery, garlic to the roux and cook till soft. Deglaze as needed.

add broth, spices


Add broth, spices, bay leaves, lemon juice and okra. Stir to combine and make sure nothing is stuck on the bottom.

add meats and tomato


Return the reserved sausage and chicken to the Instant Pot. Add tomatoes, without stirring.

pressure cook


Pressure cook the gumbo and do a quick release of pressure. Open the lid and stir the contents of the Instant Pot.

add the shrimp


Add the spice-coated shrimp to the gumbo and close the lid. Allow the shrimp to cook in the residual heat of the pot.

stir and serve over rice


Stir everything up and serve the gumbo over rice. Garnish the Instant Pot gumbo with parsley and green onions.

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