instant pot food burn message

The Instant Pot Food Burn Message is a Common Issue




Why is the Instant Pot saying 'Food Burn'?

How to avoid the 'Food Burn' message

What to do when you get the 'Food Burn' message

why is the instant pot saying food burn?

When you get the food burn message, the Instant Pot will usually have no pressure. There are a few reasons for the Food Burn message.


- problematic recipe

- dense ingredients

- food stuck on bottom

- not enough liquid

- steam release is venting

- sealing ring missing

how to avoid the food burn message

You can do things to avoid the problem altogether. Once you figure out the basic rules of cooking with the Instant Pot, you'll be able to avoid this issue.


- layer ingredients

- modify recipe for size of instant pot

- deglaze after saute mode

- add correct amount liquid

- steam release in sealing 

- sealing ring in place

what to do when you get the food burn message

When you are in the middle of cooking and you get the Burn message, you can try and salvage your meal.


- resume pressure cooking

- return food to inner pot 

- add extra liquid to inner pot

- clean inner pot

- transfer contents to container

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